Baby Steps

By Mick Holien

So often I have found I participated or maybe even just attended a non-profit’s fundraiser and left wondering either whether it was deemed a success or just how much money was brought in.

And usually like in the case the furniture auction to benefit the Boys & Girls Club in Ronan late Sunday after the whole affair was completed it was challenging enough to collect for everything and get the majority out the door of the former Total Home and just not an opportunity to tabulate the results which I’ll have for you when IMO continues after this.

Mick Holien back on your radio where first of all a sincere thank you to all those folks who took the time to tell me what they thought of this little program. The input is sincerely appreciated and hearing from you lends some credibility to what I envision for IMO.

Oh that’s right back to the auction, professionally handled at quite a pace – I’d say definitely no huddle-by Ronan’s home boy Reed Tobol.

The majority of the approximate 200 people who attended stayed around until near the end and were quite active with their bids even to the 90-minute mark.

There were 170 items available in the live auction and an additional 200 of the silent variety,

The closest estimation available from Aric Cooksley on Tuesday was somewhere $12,000-$14,000 which with no expenses went right to the Club and its need to renovate the expansive building on the north end of Ronan.

On the Griz men’s hoop front from the appearance in the early stages of the non-conference season that the challenges of road travel from Missoula to the east coast and back to Malibu hasn’t adversely affected Montana.

With an opening exciter win in overtime at Pitt followed by a loss at Penn State brought the Grizzlies to Malibu where they played their way into the championship game of the Legends Classic against Cal-St Barbara.

And while UCSB scored the game’s first eight points and ran to a double digit lead several times to 18 and holding an 11 point halftime advantage before Montana seized the momentum and charged off the deck and into a second half short lead.

With a trio of Grizzlies with four fouls UCSB ran to a 13-point run to go to a 59-48 advantage and out of Montana’s reach dropping to 3-2 with.

Paced in the early season seemingly in every outing by guards double figure scorers Ahmad Rorie and Michael Oguine this team lends promise but you know about the remainder of the schedule to prepare for the rigors of the Sky.

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