Stitt Gone

By Mick Holien

If you listened to yesterday’s program you know that I delayed sharing my opinion about Montana head football coach Bob Stitt’s continued employed.

While I unfortunately have no future personal investment in this decision, take my word for it I have plenty of past reasons to be entitled to have strong feelings.

But in the sake of bygones be bygones, as I did through most of my situation, I am going to continue to drive up the high road because I have not yet reached the pinnacle where hopefully I can put the whole thing aside.

You see it just isn’t a one man out situation with such a release and it Kent Haslam’s defense I am sure the family aspect of not only Stitt but the remainder of the assistances and their family was a factor.

Coaching is a brutal occupation – trying to personally during a three-year contract with countless obstacles let alone the fact that your future basically is going to be somewhat determined – maybe 50 percent – by youngsters that are still in their teen years.

In Stitt’s hire Haslam was looking for another Joe Glenn who dominated the D-2 ranks, including winning two titles, before returning to Missoula after himself being part of the staff that was released when Larry Donovan was fired.

After 300 words, yes I would not have signed Stitt to another contract but not with a lot of resignation and what he had to say about the previous three years.

But now think about all those athletes, more than I can ever remember, who have already verbally committed and watch how quickly other programs get back on that recruiting trail especially given the early signing period in December..

There’s usually a hold over coach to keep that from happening and with Justin Green the recruiting coordinator that seems like a no brainer but I’d personally like to see line coach Chad Germer part of the future.

They say you can never go back but Bobby Hauck of course is still hovering and anything he is a part of has instant credibility and remember he won 70 games while at the helm.

Former quarterback and assistant coach Brent Pease will also push to be considered. He is now offensive coordinator at UTEP after getting his walking papers at Washington.

Brent is a veteran assistant but has never headed his own program but neither at Notre Dame’s Brian Kelly when he applied here nor had North Carolina State’s Dave Doeren.

It should not surprise you to know that Marty Mornhinweg, who reportedly built a house here last year, and is now O coordinator at Baltimore will also be interested.

As for deposed Florida head guy Jim McElwain, like Marty he’s only 55 and not headed for the bed next to me.

Wild card you say? Ty Gregorak, Rob Phenicie or Mike Kramer. Jerome Souers would be on that list had NAU not woke up and retained him. What a novel idea.

My gut feeling is we will not recognize the name of the person selected before the name slips out just before their selection.

Haslam will be looking for a hidden or should I say undiscovered super star and why not. Montana used to be a great job and let’s face it there’s just one way to go.

Just sayin’

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