How can we not be emotionally affected by the images coming out of the Houston area?

One had to know it would be just a matter of time before predictions were accurate that a monster storm, long predicted, would strike land with such force but then the ensuing rainfall that beckons one to think of 40 days and 50 nights.

If you are like me, I just feel helpless especially for those on the poor end of the economic scale and the elderly.

I think it has to be unprecedented that officials put out a call with volunteers to bring their aquatic devices and organized them into a hopefully life-saving armada.

One had to know where this was headed when one official on the first night mind you told people, who chose not to evacuate, to write their ID on their forearms for later ID.

If that doesn’t get your attention, I don’t know what would.

While the American Red Cross, an organization for personal reasons, I am in support of, always is need to cash donations to continue their mission but if you are just like me you wish there was something more you could do.

I know there are those in earshot who are personally affected.

I was particularly affected by the evacuation of a nursing home in Caty. Now the only thing I previously knew about Katy was that we have had and played against several great players from there. You no doubt remember Bobcat quarterback Denarius McGhee who was recruited out of Caty as were several other players.

Here were about 80 elderly people, many of whom had not been away from the facility for years, and besides being medically in need were so confused they had no idea what was happening.

Then they were loaded side by side into National Guard trucks before being taken somewhere to either be met by their family or moved to another facility.

It just resembled assembly line warehousing and I just felt so sorrowful.

And it far from over with just temporary housing requirements hard even to fathom.

I fear the death toll could soar as they get to everyone.

Just sayin’


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