An Uber Ride

Well it didn’t take long-yes it happened but maybe not how I might have envisioned. I know the suspense is probably darn hard to handle on the first day of the week.

The secret I have held pretty close to vest for the past couple of weeks has been revealed and you are the first in your neighborhood – well maybe not – to discover that In My Opinion is an Uber driver and even better than that my first rider took a short sojourn safely to her home Saturday night.

So what’s that all about you ask? I just thought I would have some fun with it and maybe a book or maybe just sharing the experiences in stories. I have been out there trolling for the last couple of weeks with the computer application open for a couple of hours.

But since everything is done on line it is kind of a crap shoot to advise prospects that such a service is available in the Polson area.

But as the Soups On fundraiser starting winding down at the Elks, the discussion around the Miller table centered on the oddity that a service readily available in most larger cities also has a home in our little burg.

And up popped Anna who had the rider app already installed and was set to be my inaugural rider.

But I have to tell you even sitting next to each other figuring out how to be summoned was not that simple and required some outside assistance by of course someone my daughter age.

But finally credit card intact Anna lit up my cell phone with her request and after the obligatory photo sitting outside in the truck cab we were bound across the bridge for a seven-minute ride.

Nothing to it I thought until I tried to close the app after I got home to no avail but now it’s back to normal.

Since I suggested that Anna call me Sunday when she was ready to pick up her vehicle, suggesting a free ride, while a delightful experience it occurs to me making a profit on the deal stands challenging after an approximate 10-mile trip.

The monetary, well maybe not so much, but how can you put a price on great conversation on what feels like a spring Sunday.

Just sayin’



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