The Final of Three


So here we are on day three of the Mt St Helens odyssey to travel to Kentucky.

And it has only taken us the better part of three episodes of imo where I again humbly request your indulgence.

Now scrambling for an explanation that would convince a patrolman to allow me to travel about 14 miles down I-90 through Spokane to the valley where I lived, I just did what anybody would do – I lied. No not really I basically reasoned through my entire day trip through the mounting ash and the need to get home in order to head back out to make it to the ABC bowling tournament in Louisville.

Communicative as I am he eventually relented and both my journey and the story continued as I made it to my valley exit and started contemplating the next leg of my journey.

Most Spokane area closed I took the back road again through farm land but this times to the south to make my way to Colfax where I picked up my teammate and convinced our troubles were over headed to the airport only to find out no planes were being allowed airborne.

But by Tuesday we landed a pair of seats to Chicago, our initial intended destination.

Flying above the plume was spell bounding until the pilot advised us we were being forced to the ground in Minneapolis because the engines had taken in too much volcanic ash.

Making our way through yet another delay eventually some time after Midnight it was Chi town where we rented a vehicle – a van as I remember for the bowling bags of course – and south on Highway 41 and Highway and through Indianapolis, where I had to go by the Speedway we took the 300 mile, approximate 4-hour trip to Louisville where the remainder of our team was thankful but actually more intrigued with the film that covered our equipment.

Since I don’t recall how we did, I can assure you it wasn’t noteworthy but later in the month we defended our National Industrial Tournament title in Dayton, Oh, making the trip not just eventful but profitable.

So will I ever quit smiling when I think about the significance of May 18 I sincerely doubt it.

Just sayin’

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