Float Mt Boat


It is about this time of year I begin getting itchy feet to ready some things for summer even though the weather has just begun to venture into spring.

While it certainly is not unusual for this time of year it sure seems like there has been a more days of precipitation and threatening and gloomy skies.

But I have never been one to be bothered or deterred by things I have no control over so it has been onward and upward and as I look out on a pink sky over Flathead Lake tonight at sunset I am just a bit more appreciative of how fortunate I am to live where I live and enjoy the life I have.

That’s not to say there’s not that occasional obstacle or disappointment but far outweighed by positivity.

OK I did it – I got the urge and went to the Internet to check the lake level to possibly gauge when the Grizvox vessel heads for the boat ramp and a different boat slip where it will occupy space until early October.

Inaccurate I am sure by the time you hear or read this tonight’s level stands at 2890.22 or just 2.78 feet short of full pool but up some seven feet from the usual low point of the winter.

And while I get as described antsy it will be the usual approximate third week of June before I hook the newly super cleaned deck boat into the water.

Thanks to my great pal Sandy it is again turquoise stripped and immaculate inside and if I get lucky my bilge pump will be working thus not to require an unsuspecting passenger to basically stand on his head with a red solo cup to bail out the engine compartment.

I am hopeful of many more trips than the last two years where my slip rental had to average about $400-$500 an outing. In other words if you want to venture onto the lake call me or find me or whatever since I’m always game.

While under the bridge and down the river is great I prefer just to hang out in the bay just to be nosey especially for the first part of the summer.

But watch your dock refrigerator cuz I know where the good stuff is kept.

Just sayin’

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