Soups On Fundraiser at Polson Elks

The customary annual fundraiser for a Polson soup kitchen has involved a variety of people sleeping in a Teepee outside the facility until reaching a monetary goal to keep the lights on and provide a daily lunch for a couple of hours four days a week.

But participants in Saturday’s effort to benefit the community kitchen can be assured they won’t have to encounter sub freezing temperatures.

But that certainly won’t diminish the amount of enthusiasm.

You can enjoy a spaghetti dinner and shake a leg at the Elks Club to the sweet sounds of the Halladay Quist Band all while helping an effort that in filling the need of the hungry has served close to 62,000 meals since its inception.

But it is not just food that Soup’s On provides but also fellowship and conversation and just maybe too that all necessary helping hand.

Debuting in 2009 the kitchen is located at Journey Be-Wander Inn at the southwest corner of First Street and Seventh west, 101 Seventh Ave W, across the street from Dempseys.

They also provide a community dinner on a Friday night during each month.

Dinner for ten bucks Saturday night starts at 5 p.m. with music slated at 8 p.m.

And in addition there’s a live and silent auction.

One of the things I have noticed since moving to the Mission Valley more than a decade ago not only is the number of worthwhile fundraisers but the continued benevolence of those that live here.

There just isn’t any lack of worthwhile causes and it simply is impossible to participate in all of them but also to promote or even mention them all.

But recently when I have had the opportunity to talk or emcee a recent event I have taken the opportunity to call people out to focus just a bit of their time on public service.

It often seems to me, like last week at Ronan’s Rural Fire Department’s annual meeting that I’m preaching to the choir because obviously volunteer firefighters along with their training and emergency calls dedicate plenty of time.

But there is that element of folks who either don’t think about getting involved or maybe they haven’t been asked.

Take this as your invitation.

Just sayin’


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