What Without Our Animals

What would we do without our animals, be they domestic or otherwise.

All one has to do is skim through the daily barrage of videos to see how, let’s start with dogs and cats, provide companionship and really a host of other things.

And the negative situations that surface simply are heart breaking and often send us to our checkbook.

We have to start with my Vox canine who I swear just like the moniker Vox can talk.

Yes my yellow, now mostly white, lab Skyy, that’s a pair of Ys like the Vodka, while slowly moving toward the Rainbow Bridge is still with us. She will be 14 in June.

Skyy has my permission to go when she is ready although I have often said I would have to go first cuz I don’t know what I will do without her.

Her hips are failing and she’s had both knees replaced just like her Dad and completely shares by mobility challenges.

But she’s here when I pull into the garage

And sleeps in front of the rec room TV during the day and dutifully occupies her doggie bed nightly at the foot of my bed.

Even though the snow at Holien acres goes well up to her stomach, she still goes on daily jaunts to visit the neighbor’s horses down the road, huffing and puffing and dragging on her return.

I have never really been a cat person, not because I dislike them, just because the family has seldom had one.

But watching their antics on Facebook videos have convinced me they are possessed especially in dealing with other animals.

I especially like one this week where a couple year old buck walked in the door and proceeded to share the cat’s food and while initially intimidated the feline made its way back to the bowl and proceeded to share the grits.

The sleeping posture that domestic animals place themselves in also is riotous and how they often befriend a family’s farm animals and horses is simply heart-warming.

Let’s face it the cable channel advertising soliciting donations to national efforts to assist in caring for animals brings tears to my eyes but I have a caveat.

I’d like to see those donations remain here – wherever here is.

Such organizations are always pressed to reach budget and constantly are required to engage in rescue operations that drain their bank accounts.

And when you consider food donations don’t forget to put something aside both cash and provisions to assist those organizations.

Just sayin’



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