New Words

By Mick Holien

I knew that you would be pleased to know that the Merriam-Webster dictionary is a few inches wider thanks to the addition of 250 new words and definitions.

Powers that be tell us that corresponds to the growth of our language, but I reserve that judgement for you.

Some are just silly while others I think need little explanation since their use is so common.

Some of the words are noted for a new meaning.

Front for example, used as a verb they say is to assume a fake or false personality to conceal one’s identity and character.

That definition it is said is new meaning to an old word while to me it seems just to be the way I have always used the word.

The term pregame likewise – Defined as an informal verb meaning to begin drinking alcohol before an event or activity. Seems to me pregame has a far broader explanation even without the presence of alcohol.

Then there’s on-boarding which I could immediately relate to. But I was mistaken believing they must be talking about finally getting on the airplane.

No – It is defined as the act or process of orienting or training s new employee.

I’ve been told to get off the schneid without realizing its German origin of disparaging a tailor when I thought all this years it related to a losing streak.

We now should know that bunny does not necessarily describe a young rabbit but rather is in reference basically to a basketball layup.

I was waiting to find shelter in place but instead up popped concealed carry, not about the safe handling of a young one and dog whistle is not about to retrieve your animal but rather a term that just a certain group of people is intended to understand.

Predictably the word of the year is feminism. Just sayin’


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