Too Many Trophies

By Mick Holien

So what do you think – are there too many awards and what about Hall of Fames

The whole issue came to mind recently as I was writing some program profiles for the third class of the Montana Football Hall of Fame in Billings later this month.

Let’s maybe look first at awards, trophies, plaques, even a certificate. Are they appreciated when they are awarded. Does it come just as a routine from the giver or recipient for that matter?

First off it starts too young. I don’t know where the age should be but all a five-year-old handed a trophy knows is maybe they received something others did not.  

I am not a fan of going any farther down the ladder than the traditional trio.

After all whatever happened to win, place and show.

Going any farther seems to missing a chance for a life lesson – I think it was a song hook after all. You know there are winners. There are losers.

That is not to imply certainly that if you don’t win you’re a loser but it sure does portray rural life doesn’t it.

And how about Halls of Fame and other individual awards in team sports.

I have observed several Halls change their rules – their requirements.

And I also know of historical individual awards whose nomenclature is changed to describe something else to fit somebody’s scenario.

I was kind of surprised in at the Western B Tournament that Ronan last weekend didn’t present an all-star team or an MVP. Maybe they do that later.

Anaconda could get away from me as I’ll don the headsets once again at Dahlberg Arena in Missoula for first-round action in the State B Tournamant at 8p.m. Thursday.

Can Spring be far away. Just sayin

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