A boat’s Tale et All

By Mick Holien

I guess a couple of warmer days only serve to wet our whistle with thoughts of balmy spring but that quickly was alleviated with what started as grapple then quickly turned into a mini snow storm up here on the hill overlooking Polson Bay.

And the next thing I knew I had about three inches more of the white stuff on a driveway that has been painted with at least white specs for some time.

Now don’t get me wrong – I am a four-season guy…no really honest I like the four seasons. Well maybe not marked quite so pointingly and lasting quite so long.

But listen up the Griz Vox vessel has decided to come rolling into that slip again this year with a promise of minimum flights.

Since there is a high demand for slips in my particular marina a commitment was requested a bit earlier than usual and I suppose that will be true for payment as well but what it did was force me to a come to moment as to whether I relent and store the boat at home instead of having it nestled and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

I think the Seaswirl deck boat has only made about a half dozen outings and down the river just once so that’s a pretty pricey aqua tour but stand by cuz I am going to be more aggressive in seeking accompaniment this year and nobody is immune.

Maybe it was the encouragement of now Michigan quarterback coach Jim McElwain who was in town last week and encouraged to make my way in the boat over to his place with a few boys and exchange our Florida gear from a year ago for Wolverine ooh ooh Blue and gold.

Geez and I really like that wide brimmed Gator hat too. Oh well bygones for the former Sentinel, then Eastern Washington quarterback.

Incidentally if you have not purchased tickets for this month’s Montana football Hall of Fame banquet in Billings, they are becoming t a premium.

We expect 500 after over 300 a year ago and the Friday social hour brings quite a few former players and coaches with the usual variety of stories,.

Jan Stenerud couldn’t make it two years ago when inducted but he will make an acceptance speech this year and will be accompanied by many past and current inductees.

See Montana football hall of fame for more info.

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