Today is the Day

By Mick Holien

Can you believe it is Tuesday and a Spring morning because indeed today is the first day of Spring.

But oh silly me. That is not the correct moniker and you IMO is in the biz of being accurate. It is my life blood after all and how that can be difficult in this time.

Even though I had a covering of snow on Sunday today at 12:15 p.m. officially is the Vernal Equinox at least in the Northern hemisphere and will last until Thursday – the summer solstice.

Therefore today the night and day are almost exactly equal in length.

Here at Holien acres it made it over 47 degrees yesterday but I have to tell you navigating my road still has its challenges with snow stacked high on both sides of the road.

Because of the globe’s position in relation to the sun flies straight over at the equator, according to Farmer’s Almanac. And just in case you want to check it is also the only day that the sun arrives due east and sets due west. Better check the math on that one.

So how does Daylight Savings time work for you.

While I am not a fan of clock changing, while that being a necessity, I am a real fan of long lighted evenings which almost seem to last on the lake till past 11 p.m.

Sometimes I don’t think there is any better time to be out there, splitting the islands, pointed to Polson Bay up on plane and headed home.

But watch that prop busting stuff in the water.

Are you one of those folks who read about public hearings and think I should attend and argue my piece.

I wish more would do that.

I sit on the city-county planning board and we just completed, such as it was, our third public hearing on the growth policy.

Now this isn’t the place to dicuss the policy after all that is what the hearings are for but it is a good iullustration of voter interest.

Few people show for the 6 p.m. monthly meeting at city hall and most adjourn in less than an hour.

Now granted we are an advisory board but the lack of interest in public policy is concerning to me.

Now granted I am board overboard with service I think on about seven but I just have diverse interests. Oh by the way we have opening for both city and county residents on that board and it’s a good one to get your feet wet.

Interested ..just sayin’


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