This is Annual

By Mick Holien

It seems like about the time spring has sprung so many activities and banquets and the like surface that the calendar easily fills to where one has to begin making choices and ponder as to what activities we want to participate in.

Some are annual affairs – oh by the way there is no such thing as the first annual – it can’t be an annual until you hold it a second year you know as in annually – and some just pop up once never to be heard from again.

That is especially true when it comes to music and there’s a bevy of that kind of activity up and down the valley to such a point my checkbook already is stretched.

One can expect I suppose for what used to be a bit of a rarity, a $50 ticket, to not be unusual at Lilac City venues but I just saw one hit my credit card at the Adams Center at twice that amount and it isn’t even on the agenda until after football has started.

But talk about annual. The now known as KPAX Sports Award Banquet is everything about annual as the former Ray Rocene Sportsman of the Year get-together is in its 60th year.

The first meeting of the Honor Court that selects and distributes a variety o awards including scholarships for high school students was last night for the May 8 event.

And even though he headlined the event in 2014, Griz head football coach Bobby Hauck again bring his wit, enthusiasm and maybe just a hint of pigskin to the dais.

Several speakers have headlined the event more than once. Jud Heathcote (71, 79 and 87) was the only three timer while, Joe Glenn (2000 and 09), Mike Montgomery (98 and 13), and Bill Moos (02 and 11) but no speaker has returned so quickly.

Tickets for the Hilton Garden affair are available from former award recipients and KPAX.

And being the sports history buff I am I have been compiling information on those folks the awards are named after and IMO will talk more about those fine folks as time goes on.

In this case remembering and repeating the history isn’t such a bad thing  

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