Things You Just Have To Know

By Mick Holien

Have you noticed?

Even though I am no longer in the business, having shed my Missoulian business stripes year ago, there are things happening in our berg

Some store fronts are bristling with activity. While at least for one family grass is greener on the opposite side of Flathead Lake as following personal situations they’re opting to build elsewhere.

One thing I always have failed to understand that if you are going to open a business why in the world you wouldn’t host a soft opening the week before Memorial Day.

Just a few observations on this Friday prior to the KERR Annual Trade Show at Polson High.

Again I’ll be at the Tibbles Clearwater Realty booth to talk about the Boys and Girls Club of Polson and Ronan and to talk to you about this award winning program.

The Brewery has moved from Woods Bay to join the operation in Bigfork but that sure doesn’t mean the building is to be vacant.

A restaurant with a unique menu soon will occupy the space and yes be open before the holiday.

That two-bay building you see behind the Sports Page is a quick stop oil change facility whose owner you will quickly recognize.

A word of warning: The laser wash on Highway 93 is awesome but get your driver’s side window up quickly before you pull forward or you will share a quick shower with your vehicle.

Welcome new owners at the Smoke House six miles out Highway 35 and Pete hung a new shingle on what always will be the Diamond Horseshoe where Chris Ricciardi is toiling his wares.

I haven’t seen 70 here at Holien acres yet but we’re close and the lake level only needs about eight feet right?

Golf with the Griz next Friday at Mission Mountain Country Club in Ronan and there’s sure seemingly plenty to learn from all the sport’s coaches.

And you can’t beat Rocky Mountain oysters thanks to Mark Nelson with a nod to Robyn. Just sayin’


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