A taste of politics

By Mick Holien

It’s  The sun was out during the day until the freak electrical storm Sunday evening and looking across that ominous lake – Yep I’m gonna do it – politics 

But first all I wanted was just a twist of the music of my youth. Yes that youth.

And I got even more than that attending a performance of Merle Travis Peterson and the “Cold Hard Cash” at Polson High Friday.

Sound vocals by Peterson, tremendous stand-up base with John Sperman and the frantic drum beat of Fel Torres were plenty to satisfy my inclines.

Then the inaugural campfire of the year even if I was the last arrival with no sun at my back.

But alcohol and strident opinions just don’t mix and here came angry words amongst friends.

I did not participate in the banter or the resulting physical altercation knowing, I was like sitting in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner and the aunt or uncle who never shows up brought up the families long buried and forgotten “secret.”

You know the one.

But yes the campfire

“You love your guns more than your kids,” was the first thing I heard and a less than two-minute shout-down resulted in both leaving in opposite directions leaving somewhat quiet and obvious careful conversation from everyone else.

But it isn’t the argument that prompted this diatribe. It was my first up-front and personal exposure to see how polarized this country has become.

That probably sounds strange but still being what some would consider a working journalist I attempt to persevere above or out of the fray and while the majority of the country doesn’t believe it – neutral. But don’t construe that to mean I am out of touch. Far from that.

IMO We have been so influenced by the 24-hour news cycle and narrow broadcast line drawn between news and opinion. Or maybe it is only “inside baseball – you know a beltway thing

We believe our final opinion on things is valid not scratching the surface of an accompanying methodology.

While it certainly does not help that the leader of one side is approaching things in what charitably can be described as unorthodox and across the aisle they seem keel-less.

Polar opposites that fuel polarity and breed distrust.

There are fringes of communication and cooperation but we’re now in that wait and see pre-election time

And we are so entrenched in our viewpoints that often civility can’t occur but it has to.

Although we tend to hang with people of similar values and beliefs, My advice for what it is worth, Reach for broader horizons and obtain your information from more than one “talking head.”

Former House Speaker tip O’Neill famously once said “all politics is local.”

Boy howdy.

Or just sayin’


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