The New Copper

By Mick Holien

I don’t know about you but that gypsy in my soul has been yelping about all the music locally and within a day drive.

And here I am with a new-to-me vehicle that while I feel pretty small in it is a sheer pleasure to drive.

But with some caveats.

I think I have figured out most of the controls but the lights have five settings and I think last weekend I still was blinding everybody with my fog lights.

The gas gauge is in the middle of the speedometer and difficult to find for a guy who often runs on the second half of the tank.

And my biggest gripe is the high beam indicator which is located to the left bottom of the dash – close to the tach – and impossible to see unless you make a concerted effort to sit up in order to look down and watch the center line at the same time.

The title isn’t going to say so but it is as copper as our championship colors – you know copper, silver and gold.

The summer is sprinkled with Doctor Appointments but without even considering all the venues in Missoula can you feel the beat.

But boy howdy are they expensive. Not Rolling Stone or Paul McCartney expensive but they are plenty proud of them.

I had to spring long ago for Phil Vasser at the Fieldhouse in September and couldn’t even pass up John Fogerty of CCR fame at Northern Quest and Keith Urban is here in September.

Now I am just trying to see my way clear for Alabama in Spokane. They seldom come west and I have always wanted to see them. But the Northern Quest tickets might require a bank loan.

I am anxious to see what tour dates Tim Ryan Rouillier garners from all the NPR exposure and it sounds like plans to involve local community – much like the MCT model – will work for his unique production

Well I know that is only a few but I am not yet done with my selections. One summer I did as I remember 9.

So down the hill and watch for that copper – just sayin’

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