The? Ohio State University

By Mick Holien

I hardly can even remember the day when we could celebrate the purity of sports.

The controversy of the day stayed removed from the particular game season and we were left to discern among ourselves the merits for going for in on fourth down, utilizing an onside kick far before it was the sole way to gain an extra possession, squeeze that run from third even if a sacrifice fly would accomplish the same and maybe with less risk or ride the favorite even if the odds leave little money to be made.

But there somewhere down the line it all changed or has it been like this all along and there is just so much more needed scrutiny.

For those of you who think the CEO of major football powerhouses is the University President be advised nothing could be further from the truth and right or wrong at blue-chip institutions the head football coach wields the gavel of power and thus the balance that should drive the separation between athletics and academics can quickly be knocked from balance.

But that vast power certainly is balanced with a large degree of responsibility not only for your behavior but that of everyone associated with your program.

I have written before about the Jerry Sandusky situation at Penn State and now striking the cover of nationwide newspapers comes the news of alleged – stick my head in the sand activity – in Columbus where charges allege an assistant football coach has been sheltered by Urban Meyer one of the most prominent coaches in college football at Ohio State.

Never mind that their insistence the school be called The Ohio State University which might well explain their pompous behavior in allegedly protecting a wife beater.

I am not one to indict nor to pre-judge behavior but I do know how that cloak of secrecy can shutter the hatches and protect a sports institution especially one as prominent as OSU.

Here’s hoping there is smoke yet no fire but honestly by the time you read this the entire scenario probably will change as mor3e evidence and possible viictims surface.

Is there no end?

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