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By Mick Holien

Wow here it is August and Graz football practice opens just a week from today.

We’ll call it Bobby Ball Redux and since the successes of his seven-year tenure have faded into our collective consciousness I’ll just let the march to the Century mark of wins and the manner it takes speak for itself.

One thing I know he will become the most successful football mentor in University of Montana history.

It was recently pointed out to me that it had been so long since the “Boom Crew”: came to fruition there was a segment of our fan base that has no memory of where it all came from.

Now I certainly can’t remember what year it occurred but in their wisdom the NCAA notified UM Athletics that the cannon could not be used to signal a Griz TD.

I guess its frequency must have intimidated all those early teams sent to Missoula as real “cannon fodder.”

So those fine folks at KZOQ, competitors of us at KGVO mind you, bought up a block of tickets in the northeast section of the stadium and filled them with their listeners who after a Griz score not only supplied a collective “BOOM” but brought to let the rest of us know what they were doing.

Thus the “BOOM CREW” was born.

And for those who refer to the rabid north end zone fans as “Crazzies,” I’ll take credit for the “Wackos” moniker that warped from the other term which I found offensive.

Yes here they come to the North end zone “where the Wackos live” originated in the radio booth from a guy The Missoula Independent once wrote “was known for his ability to turn a phrase.”

OK I’ll accept that one.

A bit of housecleaning: When No 5 Matt Wells completed his UM eligibility he was the program’s leading all-time receiver.

And until Mark Mariani passed him at the end of his career in 2009 he remained the Alpha Dog.

That makes his selection as the sole player selected to the Griz Sports Hall of Fame so significant and long overdue.

Just sayin’

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