Spring Fix Almost Over

By Mick Holien

Ok I hope it isn’t the last time I make such a mistake of misstating son with father’s name when I called Tanner Wilson in yesterday Imo by his Dad’s name Scott.

That’s what familiarity will do for you but additionally making such an error probably means the fledgling redshirt freshman quarterback.

Is making game-condition appearances which could bode well for the future.

But the rifle toss of the day was contributed by Malik Flowers who launched a completion 49 yards.

In all QBs were decent with completions totaling 24 times for 362 yards.

Talk about domination – That would be the big footprint of Eric Williams, who well could be the nation’s top kicker this season. He constantly boosts the pigskin in excess of 50 yards.

Old reliable, Stevensville’s Jesse Sims, was the pick to become the 14th wearer of No.37, becoming the fourth defensive lineman of the last eight players to receive the honor of wearing the legacy number.

Talking to some coaches on the field post game they said the emotion of the crowd was passed along to them especially the ones that have coached before in a spring game. Thank you.

Watch for the effect of a new rule mandated by the NCAA this season. The kickoff receiving team now cans fair catch a ball inside the 25 yards line and it will be treated as a touchback and the ball placed at the 25.

Studies have long shown that the additional velocity players attain before they encounter another player on a kickoff that more dangerous injuries occur.

Of course the down side is it takes a little excitement from the game but it may figure into strategy at the end of a contest because you are receiving yardage without clock movement. We’ll just have to see.

There are a couple of other blocking changes we’ll talk about in a later edition.

Just a special word to our Missoula listeners that not only IMO daily but also keep KERR Radio all day because of the outstanding selection of music scheduled by Dean Alexander and the news comment also was appreciated by news director Jeff Smith.

I hope I was able to clear up why it is more difficult to hear at night. That drop in power is FCC mandated. Believe me we’d love to keep it at power.

Just sayin’

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