Quite a Weekend

Again in the midst of a winter wonderland, talk about a load of overnight snow and here I thought the Mission Valley possibly had seen the end of it.

Flathead Lake is only in my memory, covered by a storm and some fog, and the pine and fir looking north out my office window are weighted toward the ground by the white stuff.

And just off the phone with Emma, by 105-year-old pal I’m thankful and at least hopeful that I don’t even have to put on my shoes after Saturday’s Trade show in Ronan where I set up a table.

It just seemed like it was a case of neighbors, tired of the winter and looking for a bit of ground thaw not just here but also in Washington and Idaho, putting their hands in others and sharing some kind words of update.

And for those who stopped by to talk about the program, thanks so much for your kind words.

To be told in the nearly 100 programs that I have made you laugh, cry or think is indeed gratifying and really the purpose of us getting together not only here but also south of Missoula to listeners and readers in the Bitterroot.

And kind words from my new-found friends in Anaconda who listened to the Copperhead games I did commentary on, the pleasure was all mine and to get a call from the head coach was delightful and best of luck as they head for the state tournament in Billings.

While I work diligently to balance sports on this program since my overall interests are pretty diverse this time of year it is hard not to become infatuated with Cinderella trying to make the show fit as team endeavor to punch that rare ticket, at least for most teams, to the NCAA Championship.

As usual some teams are a lock, concerned just for seeding, but others look to give season credibility with a good showing in their conference tournament.

Just how bout those Lady Griz and the pure class gesture of Shannon Schweyen, showing maturity beyond her years, by grabbing the microphone after the final home game to thank the faithful for their loyalty during a challenging season beset with injuries.

No matter how they fare in the tournament, that team should be remembered on their own merit for how they didn’t lose focus and admirably proudly carried the torch no matter the odds.


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