Lesson learned – Not!

Boy did I learn a lesson.

It is not difficult to load my scooter in the back of my pickup.

And I am sure many of you have driven by and seen me with a hoist attached with the scooter halfway into the bed getting ready to head down the road.

I only say that because I think I have only encountered a few other devices at least in my area that have a similar set-up.

But sometimes when I am going a short distance I just head down the way, leaving the truck, to return in a bit for the further drive.

I believed I had this short jaunt handled but Saturday I paid the price.

I just completing a five-hour stint at the Trade show in Ronan and I figured a libation was in order.

It was just past 4p.m., with even at this time of year, plenty of remaining light.

So I told my pal Don and his trusty sidekick Wolf, no that’s a dog but it could be – oh never mind – to go down the road and I’d meet them.

With plenty of battery in the scooter out I headed and while the road was OK when I go there the parking lot consisted of dirt and a series of water-filled potholes. Well what did I expect?

I made it to the ramp at the front – somewhat surprised – but upon getting to the door I encountered an approximate two-inch drop from the threshold to the floor.

Well no problem cuz if Wolf can’t help – good dog – after all there was the big redhead, Don.

After encountering a few gentleman, in the loosest interpretation – wrestlers – their mentality I fully understand cuz my college roommate was so inclined – there you go fellahs a wrestling mention and thanks for listening – I was ready for the trip back.

Diminished light I thought well that’s OK I’ll have Don follow me.

Snow storm? Well that’s alright I have a heavy coat and my Oregon State Beaver hat.

Wrong and quickly I had second thoughts but forged bravely ahead but on the pavement … sitting down of course and drenched.

Hearing a car approaching, I pulled to the side of the road to what was a Tribal Police SUV who didn’t bat an eye. Not that I could have seen him bat an eye.

I hues an old bearded guy heading down the road in an unlighted scooter in a snow storm – well you get the drift.

I’m guessin’ it’s not that an unusual sight.

Ten minutes and a soaked Mick was really ready to load up.

Several lessons here but I’m going to let you visualize, then verbalize them for yourself or better yet share them with me the next time.

One of my roommates drove by the opposite direction, waved and politely suggested a few.

Just sayin’

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