Pay a little attention

Dec 26, 2016

I don’t know why but it sure seems strange to have Christmas and New Years on a Sunday.

While you’re at leisure like me – wide smile placed here – it really doesn’t matter what day it is and I have to admit since I sometimes write “opinion” a few days in advance honestly some days I awake not realizing exactly what day it is.

Quite frankly I never thought I would see that day. I wonder if those in my peer group, whatever that is, has that also occur in their household.

It seems I have something scribbled on my desk calendar each day but sometimes I think that is just an effort on my part to convince myself that I am busy, whether or not I am.

I had a conversation with a friend who recently retired from a high-end job far more stressful than my last few – although he was at in for nearly 40 years – and when I asked him how he was coping he said hesitantly “just trying to keep busy.”

I assured him it would not be long until he didn’t feel that challenge and that I was calling with a favor that would occupy a few of his leisure days. Wait until others figure out he’s available.

What is it they say about getting something done – Give it to the person who is super busy because they are the ones the ones who are organized enough to satisfy any deadline.

I suppose that is accurate but then there’s that instinct that always seem to compel that busy person to raise their hand when something needs to be completed.

Is that you?

The world just wouldn’t go around without those people and you know there is always a need of one kind or another.

For many years in the newspaper business I worked every holiday to make up for the time off required to broadcast Grizzly football and basketball games so now having those days and even weekends off has taken some adjustment but I have to assure you it is not all that challenging to find the way to enjoy that time off.

On another thought.

We do live in a most challenging time and being a news junkie it seems no matter where we turn there is a situation that prompts our attention but I sometimes am surprised at how little some pay to domestic issues let alone world affairs.

Whether on either side of the aisle or balanced near the center with me, all I can do is encourage you to pay attention and remember that your vigilance is required no matter where you are or what you are doing.

And that is unfortunate during the holiday season.

Just sayin.


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