Outside the Super Bowl

Politics has been so entertaining I mostly spent my Super Bowl pre-game either watching the taped Sunday programs, some for comedic relief, or switching through the channels seeing who or what I might have missed.

So I didn’t consider taking in the hype rather watching bucket ball.

And it’s time for a respite from the gridiron.

But let’s face it whoever you were rooting for on Sunday there was plenty to carry us over for a while.

It just seems there are a few quarterbacks in every era for me back to Bobby Layne and Otto Graham that have the ability to take an opportunity to fruition.

And while I’m not into choosing any particular one over another, face it Tom Brady is one of those guys.

Gotta right where we want em’ ?

You’ve heard me say that on the air for years when facing a seemingly insurmountable deficit.

I have certainly used plenty of those axioms and more often than not been rewarded for trying to take you on that magical ride that unlikely victory facing the jaws of defeat can be.

Didn’t you just know that the Patriots would win the overtime coin flip to try and sustain that momentum to make a game winning drive?

And the key late penalties that kept things alive, the catches, a Wildcat formation two-point conversion and back to back deuces. Heck I am amazed the throw back play didn’t connect.

And outside the lines the dignified manner in which Luke Bryan sang the national Anthem; to have a Navy corpsman push President Bush to mid-field as he and the former first lady, Barbara, come out of their hospital beds for the coin toss; bush you’ll remember was a Navy pilot when shot down in WW2;

And Polson summer resident Howie Long, usually quite stoic, mentioning just prior to the game he was happy for his son Chris, a Pats defensive lineman who we’ve watched grow up, then seeing the family together after the game,

Terry Bradshaw’s pre-game stance on the Inflategate Brady suspension, then prophetically pointing out it would be commissioner Roger Goodell to hand the Patriots those awards if they won, the crowd’s response and how quick Goodell got off that stage, and Brady sharing the moment with his ailing mother and his Dad, who earlier in the week he had said was his inspiration. They were not able to attend a game until Sunday because of her undisclosed illness.

To the victor goes the spoils but the Falcons will be back.

They’ll be naysayers for it all but I’m not one.

Just sayin’


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