I Say Oops!


Quite a reality check I had last week in the downtown Polson area to bring a stark reminder that the less populated winter days are long gone and the quantity of traffic and type of traffic has taken a substantial change.

Even though we get reminders at the start of the school year to be mindful of the barrage of with nothing but respect, ankle biters, some of whom excited about going to school for the first time are more than likely not so vigilant.

But here at the onset of what Nat king Cole first described as the lazy, crazy hazy days of summer there’s other types of worrisome and challenging encounters in the wait.

Here I was stopped at a downtown stop sign – not a four way now – diligently looking one way then the other and back in this case to my left leisurely pulling out a block off Highway 93.

I was content my due diligence was completed and into the intersection the Vox pickup came right in front of a motorcycle.

Had it not been for the initial sound of his accelerated engine he would have been completely unseen by me who already was well into the intersection much to my chagrin and his obvious displeasure.

I sincerely hope he has described my obvious goof up and someone shares this program with him because the first thing I could think of was an opportunity to tell listeners of the perils of summer and the reminder of how quick a bike can be right on top of you.

And I am the first one to say “my bad” but at that moment the shirtless driver who had to swerve to the curb and back to avoid a T bone probably would not have been that comfortable both with my verbal response but also the wave of my hand which I suppose could have been misconstrued as something other than an apology.

It’s a small town and I somewhat recognized the driver so am hopeful I have an in-person opportunity to make amends and I’m also sure he will recognize and remember my vehicle.

Vigilance is my word of the day but also is an additional taste of patience to embrace the pace we have chosen living where we do  

Sorry bout that.

And I recognize my liability and sheer stupidity since I have had my share of bikes starting with a Honda 55 up to a 650 Dukati with several in-between

Just sayin’


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