One Fine Ursus Horribilis


Just a quick note to recognize the fine judges – a bit of levity there – who selected this program as one of two finalists for Program of the Year as presented by the Montana Broadcasters Association.

It’s been a decade since I have entered the yearly contest since the deadline falls at the end of hoop season and just compiling an expedient entry proved difficult.

Judged by an out-of-state panel winners will be honored at the annual convention to be held at Big Sky in late June.

Congrats to the other radio and television finalists and how ironic that in the program category I am competing with KGVO’s Jon King’s Talkback program, a variation of which I received MBA recognition for beginning in the early 80s.

On to last week’s road trip which took my Tipi pal and I to the Condon area to deliver some replacement parts and engage in some dining room banter that proved to have little to do with Teepees.

John, a physician, and Marcia, a teacher, retired to a beautiful spot from the Des Moines, Ia. area following discovery of western Montana after a variety of hunting trips, one, a bull elk, hangs spectacularly over the fireplace.

They are daily listeners who shared a Grizzly bear story of their own.

That’s certainly for another time but it prompted our discussion of the Midnight perils on Montana’s two lane highways lined almost to the fog line with trees.

I have to admit as I turned onto Highway 35 after traversing Highway 83 out of the Swan about Midnight I felt some relief that the deer we shared the journey with remained for the most part off the roadway with no evasive action required on my part.

And after getting past the entrance to Flathead Lake Lodge, often a spot that attracts potential road kill, my death grip on the steering wheel might have slightly lessened.

But 20 some miles later came a surprise on the road that quickly reminded me of the need of future diligence.

Right square in the driving lane an adult Grizzly bear slowly ambled toward Flathead Lake, turning slightly towards us obviously startled by our presence.

Oh oh bear was all my partner could exclaim as I quickly swerved to the opposite lane then back to safety in the right lane.

True a glorious site and some are never fortunate enough to see made even more noteworthy because we fortunately both got past a spot in time and roadway without sharing that specific location.

My A-Fib altered momentarily to Tachycardia and back and safely we continued homeward with a sigh, a smile with our story and a heartthrob.

Just sayin’

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