Here for the Remainder Really

By Mick Holien

Can you believe how rumors get started and all from the most innocent of observations.

Now I suppose since you have seen many stories about some of the sports stuff that I have liquidated.

I always planned to do it that way and acquired things like the rest of you collect salt and pepper shakers or maybe stamps or coins.

And then I added fuel to the fire

when In My Opinion continues.

I did the unthinkable and gave away my bed to the first comer who contacted me less than five minutes after I put it on the Internet.

Now I know how things can get started. A recent newspaper story apparently left people with the impression I was destitute and thus a go-fund-me page was started and quickly accumulated more than 3,000.

After I found out about it I quickly ceased the operation and made sure the money was refunded with all of my thanks.

But moving along came the word that the word on the street was I was selling my house and moving away.

Well that was certainly news to me since I love where I live and the freedom it affords even if once in a while it is a bit more than I can handle, thus favored roommate.

After the third inquiry that came from someone who had been skiing at the Big all winter I just decided to figure out what was happening.

That’s when he pointed out that people figured since I gave my bed away the rest would be close behind and I would be out of here.

Well rest assured I bought a new bed that got here the day after my last one left and thanks to Dr T Skyy is rebounding, seems in really good spirits, has less problem getting up and even goes for the occasional walk.

So here’s the deal I’ll leave the hill when someone grabs my heels and pulls me down the long driveway.

Skyy’s miracle drug is just an anti inflame but it sure seems to be doing the job after just five doses.

But she almost is acting like a puppy and suddenly requires a lot of attention especially late in the day. No problem she gets it.

So you are going to have to put up with my musings.

Just sayin’


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