Music n Optimism

Music to me is a faith healer and while I can’t attend all of the available offerings I get itchy feet this time of year and begin to figure out where I might lose myself for a few days.

My wanderings have decreased somewhat, especially since this medication that works so well puts me to sleep sometimes even standing up.

Altering the dose hasn’t seemed to be the answer because then it doesn’t effectively treat the malady.

And so tonight feeling a bit down in the dumps I knew right where to turn.

In My Opinion has begun to cut a wide swath with accompanying ideas from additional listeners.

But here’s the rub.

I don’t want to be a Pollyanna but there is just too much negativity around.

It just seems wherever one turns, especially until the special election is completed, there is ad after ad extolling negativity.

And the only caveat when I started doing this program in October was we’d have fun together, hopefully actually laughing, and with no politics of any kind on the program there was a chance we could remain positive.

And I know that certainly isn’t easy but some 137 programs down and we still have a consecutive run of positivity.

And back to music.

Not promoting any one publication over another, area papers do a great job of letting us know who is playing where and while I would like to see a bit more editorial space where it’s at is actually readably available.

There are groups of every variety from a full-blown band right down to a one manner which I particularly enjoy.

If the weather ever warms up a good degree of entertainment is outside and some even available, if you are up to the task, by boat.

It is even more appealing when it stays light so late and makes the animal watch so much easier.

Of course there is quite the loyalty to some area bands especially because often the same people play in a number of groups.

I was down a bit tonight and I called Emma only to be scolded since she is just a few days from 1051/2 and never fails to improve my demeanor.

And Skyy wandered out of the bedroom after an eight hour siesta reminding me that April showers bring….

Just sayin’  

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