Lost For A Day

By Mick Holien

I sure would have written this program a whole lot earlier than bedtime if I could have found both my notes and checkbook.

And even after the notes were discovered yet the checkbook continues to hide I changed the subject matter to tell you about this device that I hope will help my forgetfulness.

But then after writing that story I didn’t save it and it disappeared from my screen to be lost in that computer abyss that sometimes takes away my copy.

But as far as misplacing or losing things you can help me go searching for them.

This waste of time of trying to locate lost items, especially those like car keys, wallet, checkbook and remote, is driving me bonkers.

And since I had a birthday on Saturday and I’m not getting younger I suppose such a malady is even more worrisome as you consider whether something medically is taking place.

But first a couple of tips that I hope might make it easier for me.

Hiding things in a special place so as never to be forgotten does not work. Trying to remember that special place can do nothing but add aggravation to your efforts.

Forget about those sticky notes no matter how big or what color they are if they contain tasks more than 24 hours away.

It seems like after a day or so they are no longer sticky and end up floating away to that place you locate when you move your desk.

Now if you have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder you can be assured you’ll probably misplace things at least once a day.

But I have found bringing in a friend for a pair of fresh eyes often produces positive results.

That has worked for me a couple of times this summer but then I’ve gone looking for my glasses only to be told they are on my forehead.

So I bought a Bluetooth “Track and Find “device at a cost of $24.95.

Advertised as the easiest way to find your valuables, I can’t wait to get it going.

You place one of the two small devices on what you want to locate when lost, you download the app from your app store.

When an alarmed device disappears basically you just push a button and listen for the location of the alarm.

But does it work. Who knows but gadget man is going to find out. just sayin’


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