Just a Volcanic Delay


Sometimes I am kind of surprised that anniversaries of dates that loomed so important in my life pass by without a thread of notice.

But I am fortunate to have a forum where I can later recount such occurrences as they come to mind even if just a few days past tense.

Thus is experiences surrounding the eruption of Mt St Helens which we all have some remembrance even after we approach the 40th anniversary.

I first recall something had occurred as I glanced at a television in the lounge of a bowling center in Tacoma, Wa. Where I was competing in the state mixed championships.

Glancing at the images with other startled patrons came the picture of a street light illuminated at mid-day in Yakima, a couple of hours driving time away, where falling ash from Mt St Helens had caused night lights to illuminate unbeknownst at the time to me and drastically changing not just my day but a week of travel plans.

And thus began a bowling odyssey that while shaping a week of competition had nothing to do with twirling a sphere down an alley.

My now ill-advised plan was to drive back to Spokane after the day’s tournament finals, repack my bags, probably change up some equipment then catch a Tuesday flight to Chicago where I’d rent a vehicle and head south to catch up with the remainder of my team that was already at the National Tournament in Louisville.

That tournament, part of an annual month long trip with teammates from Washington and Montana always was the competition cornerstone of a summer of events throughout the Midwest.

But while there were enough bowlers to field several teams they were lined up by quintets with no reserves, thus if someone couldn’t show, the entire group would be affected.

Back to the beginning where myself and a teammate from Colfax not only needed to get across Washington but do so in a timely manner in order to arrive for Thursday competition.

As discovered like the majority of the people in the northwest, our plans already had gone awry but as hardy as I was foolhardy in those days the eruption of a long dormant volcano was but a taste of disruption that I soon discovered was about to lead to a week of chaos not able to be described in two minutes.

And wait there’s more tomorrow. Just sayin’



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