Osprey Fly

By Mick Holien

Having just finished a stint with the Missoula Osprey is a welcome relief today, no not because the professional season is over, but rather it frees me from driving the peril that we know as Highway 93.

And the perils were inevitable late last week and again the first of this week as every imaginable kind of vehicle traveled north then south marking the beginning of the end to Tourist 2018.

Everything seems to take place simultaneously with school starting, fall sports beckoning the school age to toil their wares in one pursuit or another and then of course there is football attracting fans of baseball’s also-rans to lament their team’s failure and head to cheer for the fortunes of their anointed mostly still unbeaten team in a different sport.

I completely enjoyed my time with the Osprey they too saw their lineup scuttled when three of the league’s top players were upgraded to help Hillsboro, an additional Diamondback franchise, tries to gain a post season berth.

Being a Mariner fan that sometimes stays up into the night hoping for a rally nothing could have been more disheartening than to read of a Seattle clubhouse brawl.

The melee mostly was put off by the manager as just one those things and bygones will be bygones but for a fan like me pleased his team is even in the hunt when I’ve become accustomed to smiling over how many games over even they are.

My pro football allegiances also rest in the Emerald City but it is getting more difficult to be a Seahawk fan when players now move around so much with free agency and the like.

The Grizzlies already started raising expectations then disappointments for some that the spread wasn’t sufficiently wide to satisfy and with the likes of non-schlorship Pioneer League foe Drake they’ll be looking for dominance.

And who can’t be pleased about the rebirth of Bobby Ball even though there are those who were less than happy about the scoreless second half    

I guess they expected a ranked team to just call in the second 30 minutes, sticking with their game plan without adjustment.  

Some things will stick out but not the score. Griz prevail 24-10.

Just sayin’

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