I can’t drive fast enough


You remember the Treasure state’s Interstate speed limit was recently elevated to 80 mph right?

And you probably recall those five buck times and the words safe and prudent in reference to the wild west of Montana we share just with wildlife.

But will the raising of the limit ever be sufficient for a seemingly large section of our population that fly up behind you, I guess in an attempt to blow you off the road, even when you are traveling five to 10 miles an hour faster than the posted limit.

Yep I’ve been on the road again and after making a 600-mile approximate 30 hour round trip to Big Sky resort south and west of Bozeman.

Some of my Highway Patrol and Beach Transportation friends might tell you that I have been known to travel at well over the speed limit.

But several years ago I was compelled to slow down and while you might get me traveling 45 in a 35 or maybe 50 in a 60, 84 or so on the Interstate might be about right for me.

Although I confess when I had that Boxster for a year there could have been an occasional exception.

But those jerks that just have to get where we’re going 10 minutes ahead of me are the same people who on Highway 93 or 35 rush up to the right of the driving lane only to speed away and force their way into the moving lane to their left – you know the ones or maybe that is you.

We are all so tempted to accelerate and not let them by but of course most are far too courteous – or….

Last Saturday Ford and Don Aadsen donated $20 to the Boys and Girls Club of the Flathead Reservation and Ronan for each person that took a test drive.

But you can still help by dropping by the Ronan dealership and filling out a form.

It’s an easy way to help the club and what a gesture by the fine Ford people.

Can you believe all the festivities and festivals for that matter coming to our area and there is a couple of exciting things in Ronan and at the Fairgrounds at Polson that I’ll spring on you soon

Just sayin’


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