Good Monday Morning Albeit a Bit Late

By Mick Holien

Well it finally happened. I sharply awakened several hours pre-dawn to the realization that turning my desk light out a few precious hours before I never gave a thought to writing In my Opinion.

Now to say I must have lost it, to space out my daily dribbling, would some would say imply I once proverbially had it, which sometimes I jokingly asked myself whether that is true.

And it wasn’t as if I didn’t have anything to say or had perused a back log of ideas and discarded them to the wind; I just was so pre-occupied with a myriad of televised football and basketball – some of which I predictably dozed through – that yep I prioritized the obligation to the point of oblivion and Heaven forbid went to sleep.

What even is more disconcerting is I did so even after so many kind people approached at Friday night’s rivalry hoop matchup between Ronan and Polson.

One of the Mission Valley’s Hatfield-McCoy get-togethers since both schools again share the same designation, it required the location to be moved to a neutral court between the two locales.

Well that is a stretch but it was graciously hosted by Salish Kootenai Colllege because of requisite concern for the roof at Linderman which collapsed later in the weekend.

There is nothing like a basketball gathering bringing fans out of their homes in the winter to exchange musings and the post-game announcements that warned of treacherous road conditions proved extremely timely with so many in attendance that they prevented I’m sure a few wrecks as law enforcement ran up and down the roadway lights a flashing to warn of that sneaky commodity, black ice.

Fresh bright lighting at Pablo couldn’t help get the aforementioned matchup solved in regulation time instead requiring a pair of four-minute extra periods before Polson prevailed much as predictably the chagrin of the Ronan faithful.

And met by a bright orb some called sunshine in the Sunday sky now I ask you was all that enough distraction to be forgiven for overlooking today’s IMO presentation.

Amah so much to share, so little time but alas tomorrow’s awaiting and so are a few more hours of rest, relaxation and indeed sleep.

Just sayin’

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