Give A Guy A Break

One of the advantages of having a forum, a venue if you will, like this is first possibly to be able to educate but also to gripe.

In case you haven’t noticed I’ve needed to use a scooter for transportation for the last couple of years.

Since my MS diagnosis in Oct 2015 I push to use a walker as best I can and am a furniture-wall user at home … anything to keep moving along the lines that if you don’t use it you lose it.

Most people are over-the-top courteous pulling doors open.. and if they see you coming giving you some leeway to make your way by.

The chair hasn’t really prevented me from going anywhere ..oh there’s a challenge or two and the gracious people I traveled with as part of Griz sports were more than helpful as long as I could get them out of playing with my ride lol.

The airlines do a tremendous job and the Beach Transportation fellahs couldn’t be more helpful.

Loading and unloading the apparatus in my truck is no problem thanks to my pal John who put together an amazing lift that makes me self sufficient which is all a person like me really wants.

And the offers to help are greatly appreciated.

It’s the public bathroom handicap stalls that are the problem.

Folks they are marked handicapped for a reason.

We need them.

There isn’t a week goes by that I am not sitting outside a handicap restroom where someone inside has taken the liberty- to use the room to undress and take their sweet time without any thought that the person waiting – sometimes not so patiently – has a requirement.

I know we’ve all been in that situation and were required physically to take the next available stall – I was probably there with you before this wretched disease robbed me of my mobility.

Everybody is always extremely gracious when they open the door and embarrassingly say sorry about that or something.

But please just give it some thought.

There are plenty of impediments … curb cuts or lack there if, thresholds, narrow aisles and the like.

But please leave that handicap stall for the person who requires it … just sayin


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