By Mick Holien

It seems like I have done it before but oh well I admit it I am an impulse buyer who has cupboards stacked with items, some not out of the box, that I just couldn’t live without.

When I was able to do a little mechanicing it was even worse because you know when you can’t find a tool when you need one what do you do – well you go buy another one of course.

I am really a sucker for the “seen only on television” pitch which now is featured in this myriad of catalogs that clog my mailbox.

So let us start with today’s item – Egglettes.

And opening the rectangular box what’s the first thing I see but my “bonus” microwave egg cooker.

I think I remember I already have one of those.

Thumbing through the instructions – well at least I got them open – 17 different recipes are included.

But on the back I find the quick start guide.

But I find immediate trouble. You have to fill a pot with three or four inches of water and bring to a boil.

Then gently place the egg or egg recipe as you will placing it gently in the water for an assigned cooking time which is about how long I leave in eggs to be hard boiled.

So what did I accomplish? I mutter.

And today I only received a single catalog – The pond guy.

Thank goodness I would worry about that one and along with that stack of catalogs in the corner I think I’ll head to the recycling bin.

Now over here we have nato smart mount next to my track and find and .. Now over here we have nato smart mount next to my track and find and ..just sayin’

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