By Mick Holien

It seems that it happens every season and in most cases involves the football team.

But everywhere you turn, even in the case of major-majors, either the governing body of the NCAA or at a conference or individual school level players are suspended and even worse coaches, Rick Petino, learn of the loss of their position.

And I guess I find it affront personally because I have come to know some of these people and after the better part of four decades even not personally sure by reputation.

And when such charges land on the desk of the game’s icons what is it we are supposed to think about the value of athletics in the grand scheme of education.

Over my career I have encountered my share of people who could care less and really don’t see any value in athletics.

To each his own I always figure and have often spoken of the lessons of team, leadership, ethics, work, loss and triumph that come from being involved in any type of the competitive nature.

But let’s face it right up front there is that jock level which by no means is productive and that sense of entitlement that accompanies some of these folks actually can even be harmful.

I recently was told a story by the mother of a UM freshman cross country-track athlete who spoke at length about how football players, even of her own age, treat her.

I suppose there is no way for us on the outside to know specifically how much hazing takes place and how harmful it can be.

Locker room and tunnel activities got out of hand in Missoula and when Mick Delaney assumed the head position under the directive of AD Kent Haslem put a stop to some of what they viewed as harmful.

Some such activities can be nothing but tradition but like anything without supervision, discipline or direction he can work to out of hand

Let’s face it though a locker room with your brothers or sisters is difficult to describe and within the bounds still brings a smile to my face.

Such camaraderie is hard to duplicate and can make the difference is how a team reacts when they’re down on their haunches.

And by the way it is what you go to when you’re down 31 zip on the road..just sayin’


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