Back At It!

By Mick Holien

I used to lament when my mother was approaching the later years of her life that not only did she receive every imaginable catalog and financial non-profit request but there just didn’t seem to be any way to keep themeen from coming.

As an only child I even went so far as to clip off the address label and dutifully mail it to the publisher with precise instructions to immediately stop sending the junk that was overflowing my larger-than-normal mailbox.

I admit yes I am partly to blame.

The dollar store is my friend and you know that catalog that reads like you have to buy it if it was featured two-for-one on the boob tube.

Remember only pay additional shipping and handling.

My latest, greatest is a super grabber and granted I need about four of them because where in the heck are they when I need one let alone three.

Now this one friends was really odd. I knew I wanted to find it and order at least two.

So as I sat down in front of the television this afternoon there it is a super grabber to replace the one that just broke.

Divine providence you say .. just plain dumb luck I would say.

Now a certain type of audio delivery program is required in order to pass the program each day.

Well as luck would have it when I needed it the most . .. over the weekend.


Initially I fed things that were gobly gook or just unairable.

Wanting to replace with the same equipment that I really liked I set out to find it and then to overnight delivery… and there it was this afternoon on Prime with just tomorrow’s debut to stand the test of replacement a And even with a cordial smile. Now if only the Mariners would again tease me with the 500 mark but you know why be greedy.

And it is reading mp4.

So here we go … cross those Thursday fingers  

What say you? J

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