A Treasure or Two

By Mick Holien
With the long overdue induction of Bob Costas into the broadcaster wing of the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, I decided I would part ways with a few of my autographed baseballs  signed by fellow Hall members.
I’ve been fortunate enough to be carrying a baseball when I encountered some of the best of the best mostly in a shared venue. 
And interestingly after being asked to autograph a couple of baseballs while working for the Osprey I can tell you I had no idea how difficult it is to sign a baseball.

No doubt nothing that I signed can be recognized as my moniker. 
Anyway some of the more unique items can be seen at some dude’s thrift store in Polson which out of fairness for the competition I won’t identify further.
If you are a Niners fan from a time past you might like the Joe Montana signed baseball that Grizzly mascot Monte had signed for me in ESPN’s Bristol when the two were filming a commercial some years back.
And along with Costas is Dodger legend Vin Scully and Detroit’s veteran Ernie Harwell both of whom actually are clearly legible.
By Mick Holien
Just a sprinkling of what hangs on my shelves but most of my items are from years before. In fact I don’t think I have even sought a signature, except for UM pro players.
I am sure we all remember the card craze of a couple of decades ago even though it wasn’t like days of old when we knew the stats and physical attributes of all the players.
Now a days they are looking, if they buy a pack at all, for insert cards that cants that maybe can be traded for something a bit more valuable.
Over the years I have acquiered a few cards from the sixties with my most prized, a 63 Aaron given to me by son Chris.
I do have an extensive stack of autographed cards that I have sent to players for their signatures often receiving many in return.
Back in the days when I was attending the plethora of card shows I collected gourds of signed 8by10s but there just isn’t really much interest in the old black and whites.
Programs, newspapers and anything else that was nearby often was used to get a signature that now fills three ring binders in my washroom
Ah yes makes for good memories and a laugh or two.
It also saves on wall covering since I could lace every wall in my abode with such things.
I’ll bet as you listen or read this there just might be one of those boxed treasures hiding away somewhere.

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