By Mick Holien

On this day 16 years ago, a day after of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the flight probably headed for Washington D.C., many Grizzly fans were stranded after arriving at various airports after attending the football game on Maui.

After losing to Hawaii, the team flew non-stop charter overnight but most fans, except for a few that accompanied the team, were left to catch later flights, some even in the air when the planes hit, others hooking up with connecting flights which of course was impossible.

My wife and others were at LAX which was thought to be a prime potential future target.

Because cell service was at a premium, all flight shut off and rental cars mostly spoken for, they were left to fend for themselves opting to wait initially for flights to resume.

Safely at home in Missoula and a Missoulian staffer at the time we put out unprecedented special editions that hit the street to the general public in the morning and afternoon hours.

It wasn’t until as I remember two more days before wives and girlfriends were able to pile into a rental vehicle, along with some people they did not know, and headed home. It was a nightmare

But I vividly remember the uncertainty and vulnerability we all felt having our loved ones on the road, not being able to help them, yet with a newspaper to publish.

And while it isn’t a scenario that I give much thought to except at this time of year, it certainly comes home to roost as I am sure it does for you.

In a previous “In My Opinion” I talked about reconsidering U>S college teams traveling overseas for tournament play and because of the comments realized more fully what a dichotomy it presents.

Is it just the responsible thing to do to protect the athletes or by doing so does it imply that the terrorists have accomplished some kind of victory by forcing a change in our ways.

In my opinion let’s just say our perspective changes if we are directly affected.

Just say‘n

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