13 Times A Week

By Mick Holien

Are you one of those people who are prone to exaggeration?

Or do you know somebody who loves to stretch the truth a little further every time they repeat the story.

Well you know it makes for good story tellin’ and after all who doesn’t like a good story.

Unfortunately so when does stretching the truth just become a lie.

Larger, greater, better or worse than it really is comes the definition of exaggeration. Overstate or represent goes a step farther

Now let’s face it have you ever told a story and stretched or enhanced the truth maybe to make it just you know a tiny bit better.

Seems like such things often happen at significant events where for example the number of people who attended Woodstock or even a better example which quite frankly I really can’t understand enhancing ones sports exploits.

I have seen even campaign literature claiming to be an um football player or others stating a person played in the camellia bowl when such absurdities are so easy to verify.

So out of curiosity I thought finding out what the experts think would be interesting,

Wouldn’t you know there is a diagnosis – histrionic personality disorder is a condition where a person tends to over-dramatize situations, which said psychology today may impair relationships and lead to depression?

The cause is unknown although childhood events and genetics may be involved.

But people with such difficulty function at a high level and well in social environments.

Now I don’t know about you but that’s too much jargon for me and you know when one researches psychology or even psychiatry you always find too much that tends to refer to yourself.

I was a psychology minor in college but before that I applied to neuro-psychiatrist school in the military.

I had that interest way back then and maybe it was because I wanted to diagnose myself.

It is said people lie an average of 13 times a week – really? That ought to interest you.

A New York Times article says lying is as much a part of natural growth and development as telling the truth.

So there you have it 13 times a week – But really who’s keeping track

Just sayin’

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