You Are Covered and a Surprise

By Mick Holien

What and how must we be prepared to utilize learned life skills that even can become life saving.

Such was the case again Wednesday when a garbage truck was struck by a locomotive filled with Republican representatives traveling to a retreat in West Virginia.

Fortunately several physicians with a variety of skills were aboard including Dr. Brad Wenstrup, a podiatrist but also a U. S. Army reservist battlefield surgeon who also sprung to action when house members were attacked while practicing for a celebrity fundraising softball game in D.C.

Folks aboard that train initially had difficulty convincing emergency responders to allow them off the train to render aid finally realizing there were at least a half dozen docs aboard.

Now granted these are extraordinary events but it prompted me to consider a state of Montana law that allows such assistance.

The Good Samaritan law (27-1-714) has a broad interpretation of curse covering emergency responders, even in a volunteer scenario, but also “any person in good faith who renders emergency care or assistance without compensation” is not liable for civil damage … other than damages for acts or omissions by gross negligence or by willful or wanton acts or omissions.

Now while my medical knowledge was gained many decades ago as a combat corpsman, the wife’s tale often passed through generations incorrectly says such an aide person could be financially held responsible…

Well now you know that isn’t true but let’s face it certainly is not worth getting into an argument over at an accident scene. Just sayin’

Don’t forget Groundhog Day is in the offing and now this exciting pre-Super Bowl announcement that has nothing to do with sports.

Let me be the first to tell you that Seth Bodnar, the University of Montana’s new president will join a long list – all but four in the school’s history and the 14th to meet former registrar Emma Lommasson, now a mere 106 and a longtime resident of the Village Senior residence in Missoula where she shares a dinner table with Ty Robinson – you know Garlington Lohn and Robinson and the uncle of original Mission Mountain Wood Band’s Terry Robinson, a who is a mere 102.

It will happen this month on Charter Day.

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