Yep I’m One of Those But Relax I’m Harmless

Dec 19 – In My Opinion

I share a commonality with Elvis, Frank Sinatra, FDR and even Lance Armstrong.

Yes it’s true I’m one of those – Indeed I am an only child.

Now I wish I could tell you how that happened – well I guess I do know how some of it happened but since it wasn’t anything I guess I really noticed while growing up and I never approached the subject with my parents, hey I’m stuck with it.

And it has its advantages. Whenever the subject is broached several common answers surface:

Well that figures, you sure can tell that or were you spoiled,

Well I guess no more than you comes my answer because you see I don’t know.

First let’s put this to immediate rest and I haven’t thought about it for years until recently.

Yes I had imaginary friends. Mine were Pete, Hate and Workery.

So there analyze that. They say onlies are anti-social and would prefer to stand alone figuratively in a corner.

I think there is a tendency for onlies to hang with adults since they’ve had no peers around yet are loyal to a fault when they do find peer friendship.

I have always run with friends from a younger generation and often am mistaken as being born in the 50s not the 40s.

But I can’t find any particular reason that being an only has anything to do with it believing instead the younger are the people you hang with the younger you remain.,

Because I have never been required to share anything, I enjoy being able to share anything I have and in fact even go out of my way to do so.

But how I remember how uncomfortable I was when I had to share space in the military. If I wanted to be a slob, so be it yet how could those other folks live like that I would ponder.

There’s been few around so thus you satisfy most of the social labels by yourself.

Extrovert or introvert? No problem I am comfortable being either.

Oh there surely are down sides. Most of the games normals – those who have siblings – play I have never engaged in because there was no one around to join.

Pete, Hate and workery have moved on but I’m confident they are somewhere in the wings anxious to influence my every turn.

Just sayin’


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