Where’s My Wallet

By Mick Holien

Since I am replacing my recently misplaced wallet which never did turn up nor were any credit cards utilized, I became intrigued with how attached we men are to that piece of leather usually stored in our back pocket.

Additionally I have to confess that my pal Rusty provided some impetus to the idea in advising me he was about to replace his after 17 years.

I guess I might have a pair of sweat socks that are that old but that’s about the limit.

The first thing I learned in this debacle is to be more aware of what I keep in the darn thing.

That sure would have been replacing things a whole lot easier although I would argue I am aware of those irreplaceable things like driver’s license and the like occupies a place of prominence.

But I just remembered the other day that my draft card – from when I registered in the early sixties mind you – was among other items I really didn’t need to be packing but have always been in the wallet.

Wallet now replaced by one that fits in my front pocket – don’t ask me why – but little did I realize that what a man carries in his wallet and what he doesn’t says things about who he is.

For me it is a vehicle to carry cash although I usually do my business with credit or debit cards.

But for others there’s a statement of opulence or serve as a photo album to display loved ones.

An item at baurdi.com points out that a good wallet, whatever that is termed to be, conveys class and masculinity, So little did I know.

And a bad wallet shows a lack of worldly experience and shows immaturity.

I don’t know about you but imo is far more interested in function and I have never been a fan of a money clip containing ample cash, your driver’s license, and a credit card or two.

I think that would end up sitting on the dinner table or left in my trousers when they headed for the washing machine.

And as far as that leather assortment there’s so many knock-offs out there that for the fleeting moment when someone sees you go to your pocket then return I’m not really sure how anybody could tell the difference.

All in the eyes of the beholder.

Just sayin’

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