What Shoulder Season


When I served a couple of tours on the executive board of Glacier Country, the outfit basically that spends your bed taxes focusing on the promotion of tourism, the ongoing challenge was to extend what we call the shoulder seasons.

Those are the months of the year when visitors don’t routinely visit our area and might need some incentives to be encouraged to come our way.

Various integers in our area work diligently to produce events that not only get people out of their abode but also to attract those out-of-state pocketbooks.

The highly successful Cinemafest is one solid example in Lake County.

But in addition to things for the snowbirds, not in the traditional sense, but those who come to western Montana to ski, who says why can’t we also pack the summer months with so much activity that visitors just discover this is the place to be – in any month maybe.

And it seems like now until school again starts there are a plethora of activities to trip any kind of fancy.

It seems Trivia and Karaoke are everywhere and this Saturday you have the Cherry Festival downtown and the annual mudrun for the boys and girls club,

Now who ever thought running, jumping, sliding, and canoeing and running like you are 12 could be done with your clothes on – well at least they say you keep your clothes on.

There’s room for you at the Mud Run and it’s not too late for vendors or booths downtown for the big-time cherry fest and go to the events page.

To get muddy with three dozen others register at flatheadadbgc.org

And folks are putting the final touches on their sauce for the annual barbe contest.

Did you know that Janet Trim measurers her sauces. Hey how can u beat something like that?

I love barbecues and they are even consulting some folks from KC, the world’s best barbed, so judges are consistent and know what they’re doing.

The River Barbecue battle is pitting teams like guns and hoses vying against each other. That’s cops against fire. Nothing like a little get after each other to enhance the day.

That’s not till a week from sat – smokinontheriver2017@gmail.com.

Shoulder season. Who needs a shoulder season?

Just sayin’

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