What’s Up Doc

I know you’re thinkin’ my deep thinkin’ from yesterday’s program about bullying made me who I am right?

Nope not today.

You see I have the pulpit and well I’m just not in the mood to talk about that but we’ll get back there.

I see a physician so often I thought maybe it would be interesting to examine what we guys don’t tell our Docs.

But listen up gals because you might be the lynchpin.

This all comes from what a great friend recently told me: “Mick,” she said without of course me asking for such advice. “You have to tell him how you really feel.”

What? Well that’s not happening.’ Be completely honest with your doctor. Not a chance.

So first of all being that inquiring mind, I needed to find out if I was the exception about such matters and quickly discovered hey I’m not the only man who either leaves things out, stretches the truth, denies there is a problem or worse yet flat out lies.

A survey I found reveals only half of men ages 55 to 64 are usually honest while just 38 percent – a little bit better than one in three -revealed they tell it all.

And 53 percent said their health just isn’t anything they talk about. Hear hear!!

Now some of the survey questions are quite personal and I can understand why a man hides his answers, just wanting the conversation to move along.

So let’s just deal with those that aren’t related either to frequency, performance or other sexual prowess.


Nope men just don’t get depressed, they say. “How about pull yourself up by your bootstraps and get after it.” That no doubt affects how you probably feel when your mate is enduring similar or like symptoms.

But the Centers for Disease Control said suicide rates for men 45 to 64 increased a robust 43percent from 1999 to 2014. How did depression figure into those stats?

No I don’t snore. Ever heard a man or anyone for that matter say “oh sure I know I snore?”

Yet snoring can be a sign of sleep apnea, lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes.

Men also customarily fail to reveal that they have elevated blood pressure. I have AFIB, an uneven heart beat, and said nothing about it until a nurse asked me if I knew my heart periodically stop beating.

Oops caught red hearted and seeing both also are denial issues probably explained Docs because it just might reveal we’re getting old.

Well go figure – Just why wouldn’t we take advantage of those few minutes we get with a Doc to tell all or at least tell the truth.

Just sayin’


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