What’s In A Name

By Mick Holien

Seems like it is the baby season and I’m intrigued with the popularity of the names chosen and whether anybody now waits till birth to know a baby’s gender.

Now I have to admit when 12 years ago my daughter told me my newest grand daughter was named Aaliyah.

I didn’t think I had ever heard the name and wasn’t even sure whether I was pronouncing it correctly let alone knowing the name’s origin.

And how surprised I was I was told she was named after a singer/actress who was killed just before the 2001 terrorist attack in a plane crash at the age of 22.

According to one release the most popular name of the season is indeed …wait for it…Alex which of course is one of those uni-sex monikers.

What is noteworthy about that is Alex displaces Jacob, the Old Testament name that led the boy’s rankings for 13 years through 2012.

If one discounts Alex the most popular female name is Charlotte followed by Amelia maybe in line with recent publicity of the possible location of Earhart’s lost plane.

And the birth of Princess Charlotte probably helped to elevate the name’s popularity.

So as pretty as Aaliyah is, hey I admit I’m prejudice, look at what nicknames probably will show up early on.

You have a couple of Al’s for Aaliyah and Alex, Char.

Then there’s Anne or is that Annie or maybe even AnnaBelle.

But social security listings – which ought to know – has its own list of the most popular monikers.

For the boys Liam is followed closely by Noah while the distaff list also places Noah at the heading followed by Olivia, Ava and Isabella.

And for the boys William and Mason round out the top four.

Baby names don’t seem to be reflective of family lineage like in my case where my middle name is my mother’s Maiden name but the popularity of hyphenated names has urged in recent years.

So would you like to know your baby’s gender or are you into surprises.

Well is you revealed the ultra sound result at least the baby’s room would be painted properly and shower gifts reflective of the correct color.

My self I like the sound of the delivery room – It’s a boy

And you Just sayin’

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