What me Negative?

By Mick Holien

Are you one of those folks who are influenced by the weather – Not so much with participation like rain and snow but what many describe as the gloomy skies that sometimes hover over the valley and an abundant portion of western Montana?

I have often told you about my 105-year-old friend Emma who I talk to frequently – at the minimum a weekly call of 20 minutes – on a wide variety of subjects.

Last night she inquired as to whether it was as overcast in the Mission as it had been in Missoula.

Since I was completely bushed after the Billings trip only to return and drive back to Missoula for the Tanya Tucker concert, I had to confess in mid afternoon I was still in a bathrobe and quite frankly hadn’t even looked out the window across the field to Flathead Lake to gauge either the temperature or the sky.

Although she walks without assistance for good reason she is concerned with falling so in the last six months or so she hasn’t gone outside settling instead on her great view from the third floor to the east part of the city and Mt. Sentinel.

I have told her a few times that I have never been a person that is affected really by anything to do with the weather.

In the winter that is the reason I drive a 4×4 with high road clearance mainly to get out of my driveway.

And as for other weather staples it just doesn’t matter to me even if it causes a bit of distraction or requires some additional preparation.

While it has been tested a bit in the last couple of years I remain pretty much a positive guy and will be quick to point out – like I did on the trip to Billings – that I am not interested, even from a dear friend, someone who is surrounded by a shroud of negativity.

Think about it – Negativity is a sheer waste of time, can be extremely draining and can dramatically just how we react to a myriad of situations.

We all have our lot in life that often exposes us to differing times and being negative about them is just a sheer waste of time.

Just sayin’

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