What Happened To The Purity of Sport

Chippy – That is what seems to permeate different levels of sports competition and causes me to wonder if that represents the current nature of our existence as the world seems to turn to daily strife.

The nature of on the field events now routinely always includes smack which of course leads to an extension of emotion often resulting in first pushing and shoving.

It has become predictable and it is not just occurring on the football field.

Unfortunately how do you think it affects the younger generation and so just what are we teaching our youth.

While rule changes at the professional level have put the onus on protecting contact above the shoulders and expulsion for what now is termed “targeting,” contact where the crown of the helmet virtually was being used as a weapon, the other junk that goes on imo takes away from the beauty of competition.

Believe me I’m a supporter of the aggressiveness of straight-up competition and not just in athletics – It makes my clock tick even at my advanced age – but I do not understand the nature of such things that all competition can do without.

Does it seem that about every incompletion or even completion that someone is indicating there was illegal contact and emphatically attempt to draw the official’s attention?

Here’s a highly paid athlete portraying the actions of a grade schooler and bringing the crowd’s participation when the play reappears on the big screen.

Then there are the celebrations. Act like you’ve been there before and you’ll be right back.

And such actions occur basically in several levels of a variety of competition.

The scrums that occur – they are more tolerated at the professional level – resemble with apologies to the sport – rugby. Blowing the whistle instead of letting defenders continually try to pull the ball out. That would prevent some of it.

I swear it resembles pack mentality except the well-trained canine quickly obeys reacting to the tenor of the voice. Athletes seem tone deaf no doubt since the whistle doesn’t come for an extended length of time.

Popularity in the NFL is waning and the league is looking for answers. Monday Night football is no longer an oddity since the No Fun League seemingly plays every night.

I also believe there is an unfortunate hoodlum element involved in athletic competition and it is fueled by ego and immaturity and then of course on the fan level there’s the influence of alcohol.

And the more the camera rolls-well don’t get me started.

What is most worrisome is that such action is escalating and again on the pro level has made their way into the parking lots and game’s facilities.

There has always been a kind of purity with hard clean competition – so what happened. With just a glance over last weekend and I find some five weird instances of fights, both at a women’s basketball game and between college assistant coaches, on and off-field criticisms of teammates, locker room spats and and…what happened.

Just sayin’



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