Too Little Time


Woe is me. It just seems no matter how I try I can’t seem to stay off the radar and again find myself heading up and down the road with a bevy of activities.

And even though I have threatened to learn how to say that two-letter word NO, I continue to opt for the three-letter variety of confirmation.

But after all isn’t that why I moved here?

I have to lament after making my way around Missoula Wednesday and pushing my Hemi up the entrance ramp at Reserve Street at around 11:30 p.m. it gave me a bit of pause but yet only for a heartbeat.

You have probably heard me say I felt upon retirement from the Missoulian some dozen years ago that I wanted to stretch my limits a bit and become even more actively engaged than I had been since moving to Montana from Spokane in 1983 – Yes I know after all I am not a native.

And thus after a couple of summers gazing out at Elmo Bay from the deck of a trailer in a since closed RV park where I kept my first-ever boat, it was time to make the move north. Oh by the way that was six boats ago – Geez Mick make up your mind,

I prefer after all a smaller town and moved to Missoula for the same reason I eventually landed here. – It was growth and with it came the changes that eventually cause you to relocate.

But even with the doubling of our population in summer months my decade-plus couldn’t have worked out better.

Sometimes I hear people say there isn’t much to do or they can’t find the part they need or the secondary roads are too bad or the housing too expensive – all things I guess to concern themselves with but don’t break the brain trust giving the maladies much examination.

There’s usually too much to do on a given night or weekend if one looks around, roads are a challenge in any municipality and there very often is a shortage of lower-income housing.

So here’s my challenge to you as I head for Splash at Pure West Realty.

Make a commitment that before Flathead Lake is at full pool to volunteer to do something worthwhile or become involved with a new-to-you organization and proverbially take a charge – in other words lend that expertise that you alone possess and put your mark on it

Just sayin’  

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