Think About Your Will

I waited, made up excuses, delayed some more, prioritized and always came up with a bundle of excuses as to why I didn’t have a will properly secured in a lockbox somewhere.

But I finally decided – I admit some of it prompted by an impending health challenge – that I just needed to bit the bullet and get it done.

Alas it was even easier than the five to seven years of taxes I had to catch up on back in the late 90s.

You can’t – at least I can’t – believe how many times I saw an ad to obtain the proper forms on the Internet and even on several occasions printing them off and except for a few preliminary lines that’s as far as the process progressed.

You get baited a bit until it comes down to where you need to pay to progress further and that’s the end of that. If I am going to pay, I’ll pay to be sure everything is prim and proper.

And so in the door I went with expectations of a hefty charge, a long process and wondering just how I would – to make it simple – split stuff up.

But much to my delight it was an easy process and included medical directions if I’m on my death bed and other documents that are held here at my desk in addition at the attorney’s and physicians office.

And to have it off my back is quite relieving if for no other reason than to be confident that while my children may have a disagreement about some items I left up to them for the most part it is all determined.

An attorney once told me that no matter how routine a will seems, in his experience there is always disagreement among heirs, some of which can permanently split a family

I told him that wasn’t possible, and then several months later shared with him the stories of disagreements over the simplest of things that I never anticipated. Having gone through a similar situation when my mother died generations ago I guess I should have known better.

So put some change aside, make that obligatory call and get the darn thing done.

After all remember Man Plans and God laughs.

Just sayin’



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