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One might think after listening to IMO that I spend most of my time wandering around looking for something to convey my thoughts to you about.

While there’s some truth to the wandering around my purposes actually has nothing to do with my daily diatribes yet it does seem interesting things come my way in my travels.

But I have to confess in being vigilant, I also enjoy watching people, their reactions and even their body language.

So back on the road with some driving conclusions.

One might think that given the number of four-way not just in downtown Polson but in numerous other situations drivers would understand what a complete stop looks like and while it is noteworthy when drivers are extra cautious recognize whose turn it is.

There’s nothing like the vehicle that was first at the intersection sitting there thus stopping two other lines of traffic and often even a blinking of the lights isn’t sufficient to move things along.

If I approach a four-way at about the time as an approaching vehicle I slow to come to a delayed completed stop to give the other vehicle the signal that they are there first.

And then of course there’s turn signals or should I say the lack there of.

Two things there:

Turning them on when you are two car lengths away from the turn or maybe after you have started it or not using them at all.

Maybe I am just a creature of habit but my right hand automatically goes to the turn signal arm far before what is required and usually even before I approach a turn without nearby vehicles.

The other night I caught myself signaling as I approached my driveway on a private seven-house private road. Maybe I was giving a cue to the wildlife.

And then there are the left-lane drivers who insist on impeding and completely ignoring traffic traveling behind them.

Now granted in several cases traveling south on Highway 93 between Polson and Missoula a few left-turn lanes lead drivers to secondary roads.

Drivers readying to make those turns seem to be so concerned at being able to change to their turn lane that they drive in the passing lane for an extended period of time.

I don’t know about you but passing on the right doesn’t work for me so in most cases I just linger behind wondering their intentions.

Hey at least they haven’t discovered round-abouts.

Just sayin’

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